Hardwick Test

New to this web site will be Virtual Tax Books. At present only Hardwick Township is completed. This will use google maps along with a complete database of the block/lots. There are 3 pages to this feature: Front Photo, Data-Cama card, Assessment History with rates / ratios / tax dollars and 2 rear photos if in the database. The table headers are all sortable and the filter will accept any of the table fields.

New to this site are the Listings and Sales Map. These Maps are Google Maps interactive with the data. There is a table at the bottom which headers are sortable. The query field is for Location Name only. Press on the pop up picture and you get a Large picture of the front and the back of the house and also the sketch of the house. Also these maps are in small and large resolution so that the small will fit an Apple iPad without any problems as well as the rest of the web site also.


This Web Site is provided as a service to the residents of the Municipalities listed to the left by the assessor and governing body.

Sales & Tax Book Files contain SR1A, Tax Book w/ indexes, Sales w/ Photos and floor plan & Sales History.

Tax Book includes SFLA, Year Built, Design, Type / Use and last sale.

Tax Maps are available for all municipalities. They are in pdf format for ease of use. Available by page or set or edited set showing new subdivisions.

Deeds available: (Not Complete)

Use SR1A report - Current (Block / Lot Order)

Place mouse pointer over deed lookup field